Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soccer Stars!

Soccer uniforms 019 Look at these gorgeous and oh-so-professional looking  futball players!  We received such wonderful  new  uniforms as a gift from friends in the US. 

Let's see if I can explain this properly:  My friend Dot has a great-niece, Alyssa, who is on a girls' soccer team.  Her niece, Lisa, is the coach. Soccer uniforms 020 Alyssa won a grant for $250.00 from a professional soccer player.  They decided to collect uniforms and balls for my boys and use the money to pay the postage to send them to us. In addition, the Ladies Sarah Circle of the United Methodist Church, Waretown, paid for postage that was over and above. Soccer uniforms 003

Lisa and Alyssa contacted a uniform company called "Jako" who let them pick from tons of brand new uniforms!  They sent us FIVE boxes!!!  Mostly uniforms, several balls and pumps as well.  I think the thing they liked the best are the goalie pants!!

There were lots of different sizes in the boxes so we will be able to bless other dorms and even perhaps some of the older youth teams that we play with in the community! 

Soccer uniforms 029Thank you so much Alyssa, Lisa, Dot, and the Ladies Sarah Circle, as well as Jako and the foundation which gave Alyssa the grant, for having a heart to bless my boys this way.  They really feel so special when they put these uniforms on!


Soccer uniforms 033

Angelo celebrating a goal!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm Learning to Sew!!!!

I'm SEW excited!  Haha!  I've wanted to learn to sew forever.  I did have a section of my Home Ec class (remember those days gone by?) that was for sewing and I made a really misshapen heart pillow August 2008 004without the lace because I never could learn how to add it in.

Then years after finishing college, I tried to take a sewing class at a JC but there were over 20 students so if you got stuck (which I seemed to do after sewing for about 1.5 minutes!) you had to wait SEW long for the teacher to come help.  I think I have half a pair of pants in storage someday, hoping I'll learn and finish!

I've also thought that "every good missionary" should know how to sew (and cut hair and kill a chicken, but those are different stories!).  So when Betty, the lovely woman who teaches our girls sewing, told me she had one woman (Carla) she was teaching on Tuesday and Friday mornings, I asked if I could join in.  She said Yes!  So, unless I need to give up my spot to another woman who wants to learn, I'll be able to learn to sew!  Yay! August 2008 002

I started by practicing sewing straight hems on capulanas, the big piece of material that is used for wrap-around skirts here in Mozambique.  I was supposed to make ten but she said I was doing so well, I could move on after five!  Today, I graduated to making little tiny purses, bags really.  I made two! 

I can't wait to sew again! And next time, I'll take a photo of Betty as well!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Burning Bush applications

Well, this little lesson on the Burning Bush has proven to have an unexpected side-effect that is SO helpful! 

I have been able to use the experience of making a fire (and adding little bits to it which of course, the boys were over the moon to participate in!) to illustrate how small problems can escalate into grande problemas!

We had a small issue amongst friends turn into a near-brawl with seven or more kids involved this morning.  Lots of hitting, biting, scratching (wait, is this a girls dorm?!?), shoving and shouting later, I was able to talk with them when the fire came to mind. They really seemed to get it when I reminded them the fire went out when we stopped adding fuel.  But it grew when we added leaves and sticks.

In the same way in a conflict (especially with other people around) the problem can be resolved if we stop adding more "fuel to the fire" but it grows with every added insult and every new voice throwing in their two cents.  I was so pleased to see the recognition in their eyes when I shared this with them!

Will they now go forth and fight no more?  I doubt it.  But perhaps they'll think twice before jumping into someone else's argument . . .

perhaps I will too.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Boys and the burning bush

We're preparing to teach the boys the Ten Commandments soon and we've also been talking with them about hearing from God.  So we followed up on last week's lesson about how God speaks to us.  We finished up with explaining that God can use anything to speak to us - even a burning bush! 

August 2008 003We told the story of Moses and then decided to actually go light a 'bush" (a bundle of sticks and leaves!) on fire.  I asked them to imagine if God were to call their name out of that bush, what would that be like.  And that the really cool thing is that Moses replied, "who am I that you would speak to me?"  He responded with humility before the Lord, not arrogance that the Lord would choose him.  

After we all kicked sand on our bush, we went back in the house and painted a burning bush. 

Boys love fire!  I hope the visual image will help the story stick with them!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And Birthday GIRL fun!

I never told you about my birthday!  It was on July 7th and I had a very nice day.  I went into the city in the morning and had a nice massage.  I also had lunch at a little cafe overlooking the ocean.

July parties 026

When I got back to the center, Fiona, Sarah and Naomi had planned a  little celebration for me with the boys with cake and juice and popcorn!  So fun!  Joao Macamo had somehow obtained a bar of soap to present to me for a gift!July parties 032








One of my chefes (dorm helpers)July parties 034 has recently completed a cooking course and had shown me some photos of some dishes he had made which looked wonderful.  so I asked him to cater a little evening party at my house.  He worked all day!  I think he started at 1pm and the party began at 7:30  Here's the master at work:  July parties 041


He made six different plates of food!  This just shows four of them, the pizza and the other yummy tomato/egg dish was still cooking. 



A lot of friends came over, July parties 043

including all my chefes

July parties 050

and the three Tias who were on that shift.   They gave me this capulana (skirt) as a pressie! 

 July parties 044

It was a fun night and I think Armando was very pleased with how it all turned out! July parties 049

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Birthday boy fun!

July parties 091 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Antonino jumping up in the background!  He was having so much fun cheering his team on in the frisbee relay!



July parties 087


The frisbee is really supposed to go on our heads but I just went along with all the boys improvisation!  Much easier on your nose.  Except for . . .


July parties 085


when you can't see where you're going and run right into your friend! 





July parties 109


These boys probably couldn't see where they're going either!





July parties 057


That smile of Elidio's says it all!

I am blessed by these boys who are happy with so little!  I want to appreciate and enjoy the little things as much as they do!



Sunday, August 03, 2008

Paulo's favorite birthday pressie!

Paulo just loved this little Kid's Meal toy that plays about 20 seconds of a song over and over again.  If we'd just given him this, I think he'd of been perfectly happy!


July parties 070

July parties 071

July parties 072

July parties 073

July parties 074

July parties 075

Pieces of Pumpkin Pie

Did you expect something round, orange and reminiscent of Thanksgiving?  Sorry!  "Piece of Pumpkin Pie" is one of my pet names for my cute-patoot littlies!  I took photos of the newest boys to print, laminate and put over the door to their respective rooms and just had to share them here.

July 2008 004

Geronimo (who goes by Jerome)

July 2008 001


July 2008 008


July 2008 009


July 2008 014