Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Day at the Beach (just to provoke a little all you cold readers!!)

Every so often during summer holidays (which we're "enjoying" right now), the boys all pile into the flatbed truck to head for the beach!  It's usually my dorm and the age just above mine. They leave after lunch, take a bumpy, hot 45 minute ride there, swim and play for an hour and a half then take the bumpy, hot ride back to the center! 

They love it!

January 2009 030


January 2009 032


January 2009 028

This is actually Maputo Bay so the water is calm and quite safe for a big group.  Let me clarify that - it's safe from big waves or undertow.  It is not safe from garbage, pollution, broken bottles, etc. 

Nor is it safe from the occasional BlueBottle - a strange looking creature I think is part of the jellyfish family.  It is blue and transparent, it has a little cap with a long tail that wraps around you in contact.  They are fairly harmless - I've been stung and it hurt enough to get out and sit down but the pain and swelling went down within an hour.  I do have a friend who had a severe reaction who was starting to go numb throughout her body but that receded as well and that reaction is rare. 

I always feel a bit on edge while the kids are there, concerned about the above, but this is where we live and this is what people have to enjoy so I'm not going to prevent them from going. 

I just wish they could go more often to enjoy getting out of the center and a respite from the heat!


JARILYN said...

oh man!! I remember taking kids to this beach, and have pictures just like this! haha how fun! We take our kids to the local beach sometimes too and it is pretty nerve-wracking with all those kids and all that water! but they love it! yay for summertime! :)

MoziEsmé said...

Oh I recognize that place! It's nice to see them having fun!

(The other danger there is getting mugged - I had my cell phone brazenly ripped off, and a friend was knocked over and fighting one - in her case they ran away without getting anything, but she had bruises and cuts to show for it.)