Sunday, January 04, 2009

Going for a visit!

I told Armandino I was taking this photo so I could prove what he was Skateboarding! 003 wearing when he left, so he'll come back with it!  (Sometimes our boys wear their nice clothes home and come back in not so nice ones, sad but true.)  I said it in a nice joking way, hopefully! (I know he doesn't look like he thought it was funny but this little guy rarely smiles, sadly.)

But I thought he looked really cute getting ready to go for a visit home so I thought I'd tell you all a little about it. 

Many of our kids visit family during school holidays.  But Christmas is such a hit, most December 2008 010leave afterward!  I have had four go home so far - one boy is visiting his uncle who is  visiting here from Italy! He's the second from right in this photo.  The boy to his right, used to live here but his dad, on the left, came back to get him. 

Not too many of my kids have homes that are appropriate to visit.  Most of the ones who did, have New Years Eve 2008 001gone to live with them!  Older kids can visit homes for short periods where the conditions aren't 100% but we have to be much more careful of our little ones.  It makes me sad that the vast majority of my dorm can't go visit anyone.   This is Simois on the left and Daniel from the Baby House, going home with their father who is nearly blind so they can stay for short periods of time with the help of family and neighbors.  He's a dear man and the kids were excited to see him!New Years Eve 2008 002

This is Gisela, the mom of Estevao on the left and Paulo on the right.  This marks one year that they have been visiting home at the holidays and we are praying about their future!

Also, three of my tias each have a special boy that they often take home with them for the holidays.  I think that is so special.  And they happen to be boys with no known family so that's even better!

New Years Eve 2008 003

Shondino (I introduced him previously as Alexandre) wasn't able to go home with his mom but she came to visit him so I wanted to include him here.  We asked if she was wanting to take him home for a visit and she said she really has nothing and first would need to ask her neighbors for help with food.  My Tia, Eliza Julieta, has visited there and knows this to be true.  Shondino came to live with us because his mom was so sick she was walking on her knees only with the help of a stick.  Shondino was cooking the meals for them and his little brother.  She went to a Catholic hospital who could help her but had no space for the kids so they came here.  Look at her now!!!  Isn't she beautiful?  And he looks just like her!  And . . . she walked here from her home, quite a distance!!  I thank God for the help she received and that we're here to help Shondino and his little brother!  Praise God for his mercy!

Psalm 68:6 says God sets the lonely in families.  I am praying that Scripture over my boys!  Hey, I just realized he already has - OUR family here! 

(A few more boys went but I don't have photos of them all.  All in all, I was down to 16 for New Years!)

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