Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lucas is loved!

January 2009 011We all love Lucas here in the dorm, me, Fiona, the kids and the Tias.  But especially Tia Bilena - she adores him! 

In yet another example of God's loving answer to prayer, he arrived the night before my Tias switched (they work four days on, four days off).  I lay in bed really praying that when Tia Bilena arrived in the morning, she would have such a mother's heart for Lucas, who will need a lot of care.  Well, God fulfilled that prayer richly!!  Bilena delights in Lucas and is rarely away from him. 

One evening, she had taken a shower and was in her room and the kids were in the main room.  She heard him make a small cry and came rushing out, asking "what's wrong with my son?!?"  I went in my house and cried a few tears of joy while giving thanks to God!

January 2009 006Lucas is SO easy to love! He doesn't speak but he laughs and smiles and giggles.  He loves to copy what others do. like patting his face if we pat ours.  He loves when we give him something, then he gives it to whoever else is near.  I think he is going to learn lots, quickly and shoot ahead in development!

We really want him to develop physically as well.  Although he is six years old, he is wearing size 6-12 months clothes!  Can you imagine?  Please pray for him if you think of it, that he will be  the little boy God created him to be, with nothing interfering from his full potential!


MoziEsmé said...

He looks like a sweetie - I'm so glad he's got a mama! Hard to imagine him so tiny. Prayers said on his behalf here!

Leann said...

Laura... it is not on the Susan Branch site anymore but I think you can download it from my post. She has some newer things up but I just loved that wallpaper. Great to hear from you... looks like life is still very busy but very sweet for you. (((HUG)))