Thursday, January 01, 2009

More Skateboarding fun!

I'm sure I love looking at these photos more than others but since I'm trying to take some of each boy, I thought I'd give them equal blogger time!Skateboarding! 018

Here's Room 1 having a great time!  Our new littlie, Lucas, loved watching them and the boys loved giving him a turn!  They were cooperating remarkably well!  Ok, I'll be honest - I bribed them with cookies if they don't fight over it all afternoon!

You can see in the background of the photo below, about 25 feet of our fence blew down in a windstorm on Christmas Eve!  Our workers are on holiday til January 5th!  I hope we can get at least a temporary fix until then.  So, we wait for our replacement trampoline cover and we have to endure a lot of older boys coming into the garden or standing outside and provoking the little ones.  The 13 year olds are perfect at this!

Skateboarding! 006

Angelo is fearless!

Skateboarding! 016 Ivo is listening to Angelo tell him how to ride it.

Skateboarding! 017

Aurelio is happy to leave the work to Afonso!!


Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Gostei do teu blog.
Bom Ano 2009

Sarah Olds said...

surely you don't mean my 13 year old boys...they would never provoke anyone! ha ha!!!

Laura said...

Obrigada! Iqualmente!

Mana Sarah - yep, that'd be the ones! Rascals!

MoziEsmé said...

I love these skateboarding pics! Esme's skateboard is packed away in Mozambique right now - we are missing it while in the US... We took it to my husband's shop for her birthday party last year, and it was such fun watching the shop workers trying it out.