Monday, February 09, 2009

A bunch of new boys!

I have been a bit neglectful in introducing you to the newest group of little lovelies to join our dorm!  In all my years, I have never had so many new kids at once so perhaps that explains a little of my blogging tardiness! All the kids you'll meet below came in January!  And don't forget Lucas who came in late December.  That makes 9 in one month!

There are two categories of new boys and they are split down the middle:  four from within the center and four brand new to Iris and our dorm.

Here they are!

Joao: he joins us from the Baby House!  January 2009 058 I remember when Joao came to the center several years ago, so sick and frail and needing round the clock care.  He was very precious to one of our nurses, Sheri, whom he practically lived with.  He is so healthy and happy, what a blessing! Joao is five years old.


Daniel:  he also came from the Baby House.  His older brother, January 2009 065Simois, already lives with us.  Daniel, 4, probably would have stayed longer in the BH but they got several new kids around about the same time so we thought he could come live with us.  He's kinda small but not easily pushed around!


Dionisio:  he was living in our Toddler House, also known as the January 2009 061 Transition Dorm.  We started that over a year ago, with kids too old for the Baby House but too young for my dorm or the girls' dorm.  So Dionisio spent a year living there. You can sure tell the difference in maturity and behavior coming from that dorm rather than directly from the BH!  Dionisio, 6, ADORES the older boys and is so happy to be living here!

Salamao:  also from the Toddler House, Salamao and Dioniso are January 2009 055 best buds and their friendship has carried over to our dorm.  Salamao, 6, is a little more introverted than Dionisio but still enjoys all the other kids.  These boys are so smart and can write their names and know the whole alphabet!


Pedro:  this six year old joins us from a nearby center from where we've received January 2009 053 many children previously (Domingos and Feliciano in my dorm).  They have struggled to provide proper care for the kids so it has been our privilege to partner with them in a number of ways, including taking some of their children when necessary.  Pedro has been a delight, opening up after being here a couple weeks, he's so much more confident and outgoing now!

Zequito:  this five year old came to us because he was living on theJanuary 2009 062 streets with his father who is homeless.  I am very interested to learn more about his situation as he doesn't have the typical mannerisms of a child who's been on the streets, perhaps he just wasn't there very long.  He can color inside the lines which is a pretty remarkable feat for a child his age who presumably would never have had much experience with coloring.  (coloring books and crayons do not typically exist in poor Mozambican homes).

Pai:  this three year old came to us when Social Services brought him and his sister for us to care for.  Their father was abusive to them and has been put in jail.  Their mother had previously abandoned the family.  he hasn't been with us long and it may be possible that we will find other family members who can care for them.   If he's three, he's on the end of it!  (Oh no!  I don't yet have an individual photo of Pai.  I'll get right on that!)

Lito:  this seven year old turned eight actually two days ago!  He January 2009 050 came along with his three siblings, two girls and one boy.  He is the oldest and was caring for the others (6, 4 and 2) while his father was working, often overnight.  His mother passed away last year.  All of these children came in good health and Lito is very smart, reads and writes well.  So we are hoping that some other solution can be worked out so they can remain together as a family with their father. 

Please pray for these boys, for them to feel at home here, loved and safe and well cared for.  Please pray as well for God's will to be done in their lives so that we can find family solutions for them if at all possible!

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Sean said...

wow 9 kids in one month? thats amazing. it just shows how much god is trusting you. i really look up to you auntie laura. and thanks for the pep talk the other night, it boosted my confidence, and i needed that. i love you.

me, sean <3