Monday, February 09, 2009

I'm a Navy brat . . .

February 2009 053 So I was really excited to learn the US Navy was docking in Maputo for the first time on over 30 years!  AND, that their community relations program included coming to our center at Iris for two days of work projects!! 

Now, I am very patriotic and can get very emotional about things like this.  I was so honored and proud they were coming to work in our center. I am glad the military gets involved in the communities they visit and was happy for my kids to see them.  (although they weren't in uniform so i don't think the kids really got that they were in the military!)February 2009 054

I agreed to host one of the snack times.  Which, true to form here, quickly morphed into something bigger.  Turns out it wasn't just a snack for the guys working.  The Admiral (sorry, he's behind the pole!) and our US Ambassador  were coming to do a presentation as well!  (The Admiral WAS in uniform, as was his entourage!). 

February 2009 060This is a  photo of the Admiral giving our director, Steve, a photo of their ship, the USS Robert G. Bradley based out of Florida.




February 2009 075Good thing I always make more than enough food!  And Linda jumped in with brownies and someone else a cake so we were set.  I had wanted to give them a taste of our local tropical fruit.  And I ahd to add fresh roasted cashews as they are one of Mozambique's top exports. 



During their first day of working, only an hour or so into it, they had a mishap that could have ben much worse.  They were working on our church roof and one of the sailors fell thru it!  From the highest point.  After taking him to the city (45 minutes away) on a backboard, thankfully they found he had "only" fractured his wrist.  One of the medics who looked at the scene declared "that fall would normally be fatal."  Thank God is wasn't!  But that was it for working on the roof.

February 2009 003 The next morning, wouldn't you know it, it rained!  So, in addition to the man-sized whole in our roof, we were low on jobs for 20-30 guys to do.  I had a room I had wanted painted and so a group of the guys came and took February 2009 005care of that.  I love it when what seems like a big job gets taken care of in a snap.  By the time they were done, the rain was gone and we were back to our normal hot, humid weather.  I'm still not sure if all the paint is dry!

February 2009 012 Since yesterday was Sunday, we invited all the guys to join us in the service during worship to be prayed for and given a capulana, the traditional women's material for a skirt.  (Yes, we know it is for women but we give it to all visitors!)  That was really touching for some of the sailors to be prayed for by our kids.February 2009 014

Their chaplain (being prayed for, right) was part of the group working here so he was invited  to preach yesterday!  I didn't end up getting to stay in the service since the guys were painting in my dorm but I know the chaplain had fun!

It was a fun couple of days with the guys here.  I'm proud of our military!  I'm proud to be an American!  (I offered to sing but no one took me up on it!)


The Navy

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That is so cool that you got to rub elbows with the Navy!