Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Trampoline is finally back!

January 2009 012Well, technically, it didn't go anywhere!  We got a new one.   Each  mat lasts about a year or so, between the heat and all the use it gets, and the occasional sharp object, in spite of the threat of being punished with permanent expulsion for the trampoline if they take a sharp object on it!January 2009 019

A lovely family (the daughter visited us a couple years ago with a team from Vanguard University) gave us a Christmas donation which  was more than enough to cover a new one. 

It really should have been set up Christmas Eve but instead I just had to show it to them.  Our fence had blown down on January 2009 020 Christmas Eve day and so it wasn't worth putting up a new trampoline when anyone could waltz right in and use it.  So, we had to wait until late January!  Bummer.  But still, they love it!

Adilson is the first to use it and gives it two thumbs up! 

I think I was meant to give it two thumbs and gave it to hands instead!January 2009 029



Between that and the skateboard, the garden is once again the favorite place for the kids to play!



January 2009 033





The instructions SPECIFICALLY say NOT to do this!

January 2009 035










I'm so grateful for the generosity and gifts of so many kind people,  friends and strangers alike, who invest in me and my boys!  Your sacrifices, big and small, make it possible for me to be here and for the boys to be well cared for!  May God bless you richly in return for your giving!


Sean Bullington said...

HEY AL! i love you! how are things? it looks like alot of fun. hey check out my new blog...

im hoping to get a couple friends to check it too...

how do you get pictures on this thing?

comment me!

susanna said...

Hey, Laura!
I love catching up on what you are doing with your boys. I'm here in California with my 3 boys (which seems like not very many compared to your 45 boys) and I'm working on my second book. I'm wondering if it's okay if I mention a sentence about what you are doing with your life in one of my chapters - I want to tell people that you know how to kill a chicken! :) That was my favorite post. Tell me what you think. Blessings on you and your boys! Sue Aughtmon (formerly Foth)