Friday, April 03, 2009

Cooking for Cuties!

March 2009 031

You might remember Lucas, our little Christmas Eve present!  Isn't he adorable?  Somehow, we got a donation of a Darth Vadar helmet which I think is completely incongruous but still tons of fun!  The boys enjoy it and want to ride the skateboard with it.

Lucas is still quite underweight but he is growing.  I think, although he's 6, he fits better in 1-2 year old clothes now rather than the 6-12 months he was wearing when he arrived.  Yay! DSC_1151


I make extra food for he and Domingos  to receive on top of their normal food that the rest of the dorm is eating.  I thought I'd show you a few photos . . .


March 2009 040


Here's Feliciano (who is obsessed with food!) helping me stir the pot of chicken/potato/peas.  I did give him a bit!



March 2009 038


Here's the chicken all done and the ground beef ready to be made.  Spiderman has left his quad - perhaps he is sneaking around for a bite himself!



March 2009 042 

The finished product!  Lots of little baggies of dinner supplements all ready for the freezer.  The ground beef made this many baggies as well. 


Andy, Amy & Addysen said...

Oh Laura! Bless your heart for making those additional meals for the children who need it. I can't beleive that he is so little. My daughter is so robust, fitting in to clothes that a 6 year old could probably wear, and she is 2 1/2! So seeing his little frame just breaks my heart. I'm so glad those children have you to care for them.

PS-- How appropriate is it that Lucas is playing with a Darth Vador mask, considering Darth is a character in a Lucas film!

Jennifer said...

It is great that Lucas has grown so much... in a year he'll be wearing young man's clothing with all that great food!