Friday, April 10, 2009

Is it REALLY ok to eat red, green or blue eggs???

April 2009 083This is what the looks on my Tias' faces were asking as well as quite a few of the boys when I proposed coloring eggs tonight after dinner.  Food coloring is not something people are familiar with here,  except perhaps people who make frosting for cakes.  When I thought to use that as an example of how it's safe to eat things with food coloring, they understood and it put them at ease.  Before that, I'm not sure they were going for it!April 2009 084

The boys thought it was so cool to see the shells such pretty colors.  And once they got over their hesitation, they loved seeing the little bits of color that had seeped onto their egg.  One brave soul dunked his shelled egg right into the red water!

I LOVE helping the boys experience things for the first time!  Sometimes I struggle a bit when I introduce something different from what is cultural for them.  But I also think, in the US for example, April 2009 098 most people want their kids exposed to things outside their culture (and comfort zone) as well so isn't that just a fairly normal thing?   Anyway, I think it's fun for them to learn and discover things they've never known of before. Honestly, it happens nearly as often for the Tias as well, which is just as fun.April 2009 088

Little Joao was just thrilled with how his egg turned out.  He didn't want to open it in fact!  But eventually the yummy-ness of the egg won out over it's beauty!

If you haven't dyed eggs in a while, I suggest you pull out some food coloring and have some fun!   You might be surprised how much fun you have!


erin said...

hope you broke out the crayons to color on the eggs FIRST so that part is missing when you die them....that's the best part of decorating them! :) I'm sure they had a blast!

MoziEsmé said...

Glad they enjoyed it - what fun!

Your post reminds me of how hard it was to find food coloring in Maputo when I wanted to make finger paints with Esme... I finally found it (3 colors only - red, yellow, and green) in the grocery store at the new mall - though I wasn't sure that's what it was since the packaging was in Hindi or some other Indian language. :)

Claire Koenig said...

I couldn't decide whether or not to color eggs this year. No kids home, no Easter brunch, no egg hunt ... but I broke down and boiled some today because I can't seem to let Easter go by without doing it! I'll be thinking of you as I dip them into beautiful colors.

Jennifer said...

It looks like they did have fun. I liked your observation about teaching them about other cultures. There is of course, a wrong way to teach them American traditions. But, it is okay to show them the ways that other cultures celebrate holidays.

Are there any particular holidays that they celebrate differently in Zimbabwe? I could teach them to my daughter and we could call it a cultural exchange, via our blogs. :)

Laura said...

Duh, I didn't thing about the crayons! There's always next year.

Jane, I borrowed red from someone and they said, please don't use it all as I had to buy this in SA!!!

Claire, did you do designs or plain colors? I couldnt' figure out how to do designs with all the boys but will try the crayons at least next year.

Jennifer, I will have to think if have particular traditions here. Nothing comes to mind, but that could be because we're in the center, but I can't think of things the Tias talk about either. I'll give it a think!