Friday, May 29, 2009

A Mother's Day Gift

I was very blessed this year to be able to arrive at my mom's the day before Mother's Day, hoMay 2009 007w nice it was to celebrate it with her in person!

My mom is very hard to buy for her, she "has everything she needs" and doesn't even want much either.  But what mom can resist a handmade gift from their child?

In my sewing class, I made an apron which turned out beautifully, if I  do say so myself.  So I decided to make her one as well, with a kudu, an African antelope, which she likes.  I think it turned out pretty well too, even though I was doing it at the very last minute before I left! Here we are in our aprons together, pretty cool, huh? 

(on a side note, I have been mulling over the idea of making some of these aprons to sell for a little fund-raising - if you or someone you know might be interested, let me know!)

I was able to be with my mom and her boyfriend Larry for two and a half weeks in New Jersey.  My cousin Maureen flew out from Oregon for a week which was  such a special blessing for me and my mom - thanks Maureen!  The big thing we did during her visit was hit up all the thrift shops we could find.  Good thing she was taking back a suitcase for me so she could fill it with her treasures!

We also got to spend some time with our cousin Sally and our Uncle  Bobby.  We even went to Atlantic City with my uncle, took the senior's bus down for $20 which was a lot of fun.  Us three cousins are each daughters from a different sibling.

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Larry was making a dresser for my mom which was nearly complete  when I left.  Here's the proud craftsman with his handiwork!  He's made lots of things they have around their house.  He even made me a bird feeder once!


Before I left Mozambique, one of my Tias, Tia Laura, knocked on my door and said she had a present for "her mom."  She had a capulana for me to give me my mom.  A capulana is a large piece of material that women use for many May 2009 014 purposes, a very traditional gift.  I was so touched that she wanted to give my gift.  That was very sweet of her.  It is such beautiful material I am tempted to keep it for myself!  Instead, I think I will look for a matching one for myself!  So she got two Mother's Day gifts!

Doesn't my mom look lovely in blue and her scarf??  With her full head of hair grown back?

I'm so glad I had an opportunity to visit my mom again.  She hasn't been feeling well lately and my visit perked her up a little although it obviously doesn't make her cancer go away :(   Please keep my mom in prayer, for her to not lose hope as well as for physical comfort and healing.  Thanks so much!

I'm now at my dad's in Florida which will be the subject of another post!  I head back to Mozambique on June 4th - I'm looking forward to seeing my boys again. 

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Susan a.k.a Lucy said...

I'm obviously behind on reading your blog. Your mom's hair is really looking cute! and yes you did a lovely job on the aprons. I am sure though she doesn't "need" anything it will be one of her favorite things because you made it for her. Your blog is enjoyable as always. Keeping you and your mum in prayer. Susan Nye Ferrell