Monday, May 11, 2009

My Darling Boys!

May 2009 013

It's been a bit too long since I've shown everyone a group shot of my little pumpkins! So here they are, in their school "uniforms", getting ready to eat lunch which you can just barely see in the bottom of the photo. 

The boys in front are Room 1, the middle age boys.  The second row is Room 2, my oldest boys, followed by Room 3, the littlies, in the back.  Not all of my Tias are represented here, as this is just one shift.  And, missing, is Fiona, my cool British helper in the dorm. 

I believe if you just click on this photo (or any for that matter) it will open it up a bit bigger so you can see their beautiful faces!

There are 28 of us right now, after seven moved last January.  We are meant to be a getting a new little six year old any day now that we look forward to helping when he arrives. 

Let me take a moment to thank all my readers for your interest in my work in Mozambique and stopping by to read about what we're up to.  Some of you leave encouraging comments (which I LOVE, keep 'em coming!), some of you send us gifts or financial support, some of you pray for us. . .  all of you are a blessing as you invest in us in some way and I thank God for you!

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Jennifer said...

That is quite a group! I can't imagine how you manage to corral them all!