Monday, May 04, 2009

Pedro turns 13!

Mozambique 123


What a super fun weekend I had!  Friday was Pedro's 13th birthday so  he's a teenager now, I can't believe it!  I've known him half his life   now.  That's him in the black shirt with the white stripes.  It's always so fun to arrive at his house to get him, greet his family and see his happy, smiling, handsome face!



April 2009 111I took five of his friends with me to pick him up from home and then we had a fun lunch at a restaurant called Mundo's.  It has a play area for kids and TVs so that was fun for them.  We were in a little room with AC so that was fun for me!

April 2009 123The boys each had a "half chicken and chips," chips being fries.  Their absolute favorite meal! (I had a Thai chicken wrap which was chock full of unusual-for-here veggies like broccoli and cauliflower and was  very yummy!)  We all left full and happy.

April 2009 163When we got home, we set right to making a cake.  One by one, lots of Pedro's friends trickled in (all boys who used to live in my dorm) until at one point we had 19 boys in here!  Everyone got cake and  juice and even popcorn.


April 2009 134  It was so fun watching boys   be boys, moving from one toy to another, the biggest draw as always was the trampoline.  I must have taken 50 photos of them doing flips!  Here's the birthday boy doing one of his flips. 

At one point, after making pots of popcorn and the cake was eaten and the photos were taken and the juice dranken, I sat on my chair in my room, looking thru the door to the chaos a mere five feet away.  Then I proceeded to check my Facebook and totally drown them out!  I was surprised how thoroughly I could focus and ignore them, yet still hear something that was amiss and address it.  After six years here, I guess I've honed some mom skills!May 2009 010

What a joy to celebrate Pedro's birthday with him.  He is such a lovely young man!  I'm really enjoying seeing him mature and grow in God's love and kindness.  I pray it continues! My heart is so full of love for him and I am so thankful God has made him the son of my heart!


JARILYN said...

i can't believe he is 13! I remember being there with him when he was only 8 or 9! Precious!

And I think that is the restaurant where I first had banana on my pizza! haha it is still my favorite!

AND you look great! :)

Jessica said...

awww! So sweet Laura!!! I love your blog! I love reading about your life... even if it so very far away from mine! I don't read my use my blog really anymore... ever, so i just got your comment! Life is good, I just finished my freshmen year at simpson university and am moving to San Jose for the summer... and then back to college again! Sam just had her precious baby girl Ava. If you have facebook we should be friends so you can see her!... and I check facebook much more often...i think it's kind of addicting!! Ava is so perfect ... so now you have a third cousin?? It gets confusing!!! Well I hope all is well on your side of the world!!! You are incredible to me. I really hope that when you see yourself you see how beautiful and amazing you are... and how much you bless the lives of those around you. Your life has such incredible value!!! Talk to you soon... hopefully!!! Get facebook if you don't have one!! my email address is :)

Jodi said...

Yay - Happy Birthday Pedro! I can't believe there's a restaurant near you with a child's play area!!!