Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Someday . . ."

Do you know how many people I have met over these last six years of living in Mozambique whom, when they hear what I do, respond with "Oh, I've always wanted to do something like that!  Someday . . ."   I have to confess to having thought more than once, "well, why don't you?!"

I'd like to introduce you to someone who thought "I'd like to go help the kids in Mozambique" and promptly started doing something about it!  Not thinking about it, not "maybe someday . . ." but took a step in the right direction.  Took some action!

His name is Steven and he is 11 years old and he lives in Washington state.  He sent me this delightful email that I received just a couple days ago:

"Hello, I'm steven and im an 11 year old home schooled kid from Washington (U.S.A). i stated a word press call Third World Hope for the Hopeless (visit . the reason for it is that i want to raise money for a plane ticket, a passport, supply's and e.t.c. and i want to go down to your orphanage for a month or so and help and bring supply's . please email me back



Isn't that amazing?  If you click on the link to his blog, and I sure hope you will, in fact, I trust you will, right?, you will learn that he heard IMG_4910about me at a concert at his church.  My friend, Justin Fox is a musician and he always shares about me and my boys at his concerts.  In fact, he wrote a stirring song called Whisper for them that will bring tears to your eyes and a prayer to your lips.  You can check  Justin out at his website,  Very good music, very cool guy, very terrific family!

Back to Steven - I am just so touched by the faith of this young man 011and his willingness to jump in and start doing something about what God put on his heart instead of waiting for "someday."  I am praying that he indeed will be able to raise the funds to come (with a parent!) and meet all the boys.  He told me in another email tonight (where I  got his permission to post this on my blog) that he is thinking of bringing supplies to build them a skateboard ramp.  From one 11 year old to another, huh! 

So please head on over to Steven's blog and leave him a note to encourage him.  If you'd like to support his endeavor, let him know!  Help make his "someday" come sooner rather than later! (And, by the way, I'm always grateful for the people who are supporting me in my endeavor!).

April 2009 043Oh, and another by the way - if anyone reading this wants to act on their own "someday . . ." please let me know, I'll be at the airport with bells on to pick you up and bring you home to meet my little darlings!  Don't you want to come play with these little guys?

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CABean03 said...

That's awesome Laura! I'll have to check out his blog.