Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can I play with my brother?

June 2009 006 It's a question that kinda breaks your heart when you stop to think of it.  Most times, too often, I don't think too much about it.  What could I do even if I did?  We have a lot of siblings in the center and often they don't live in the same dorm, either for age or gender reasons.  Fair enough.  But still, it makes me so sad that they are separated instead of in their homes, in their families as God created them to be.  June 2009 009

I try to remember to have my boys' siblings over often to play but  before I know it, it's been a month and I think, "what in the world?  where did that time go?"  Today, I decided to write a note with the word "SIBLINGS!" on it and put it up on the wall so I will have something to remind me other than my good intentions. 

It is so good to see them together.  I had been in the center of the June 2009 010 playground with Lucas, letting him play with kids from the Baby House when Julio joined me for some tickling fun.  Then he began pointing at my dorm where his brother, Alexandre' lives.  He then asked, "can I play with my brother?"  So of course we went to my house and I had both of them in to play.  They jumped on the trampoline for a bit then A said "Mana Laura, J would like to play with the little cars" that he must have remembered from his last visit. It didn't seem to matter to A what HE wanted to do, just his little brother!

These two, when A and I walked little J back to the Baby House, Alexandre' took Julio's hand as we were walking and my heart melted! 

March 2009 004 Here's Pai and his sister Eliza.  She lives in the girls' dorm and asks at least once a week if she can come play - usually when I am walking somewhere so I can't invite her in at that time!  Now, after several months of Pai living in my dorm, I learned that in their background story, they have set fire to a house.  Sooooo, no leaving them alone while I go check on the washing, huh?

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