Wednesday, June 24, 2009

German Engineering!


My good friend Katrin came back to Mozambique for a too-short visit last week.  She was only here in Zimpeto for four days - I feel shorted! (Not short, well technically, I do feel short but that has nothing to do with her visit!)

June 2009 006

(On an unrelated note, I love this tablecloth and took a photo of it and would love to figure out how to use it as my header on my blog!  When I tried, it was HUGE and I couldn't figure out how to resize it.  Anyone???)

Katrin is from Germany, where she came from in 2003 to work with us at Iris, and where she returned a few years later to marry her man and continue her studies. This is her second visit, which I am really grateful for, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is she has no fear of driving trucks that are bigger than she is used to!  So she agreed to be my "motorista" for the day when we delivered beds to my darling Pedro!

June 2009 008

I had to sneak in a few of my most recent favorite "me and Pedro" shots - isn't he growing up handsome?

June 2009 004 June 2009 005  June 2009 009

Here's the "motorista" in action! She not only knew how to drive the truck, she knew how to load it as well.  So efficient!

June 2009 013

Here's the darling Pedro unloading the beds!

I had visions of them getting set up, complete with sheets and blankets while I was there and able to take photos but I should have known that wouldn't happen!  They are set up he tells me and next time I go I should be able to take photos. 

June 2009 015

L-R: Uncle Raymundo, Grandma, nephew Moises, Pedro, cousins Marina and Salvadore, in front of their home.  These hedges are very common boundary markers.

June 2009 016

Here's the mean goat who kicked me when I tried to be nice to it.  Pedro's family all laugh at how much I like animals.  I always have to go say hi to the piggies next door and they have named their cat Mana Laura after me!  A neighbor wanted to sell me a turtle today but I draw the line!  That poor turtle would never come out of it's shell with all these rambunctious boys!

 June 2009 018

After our day of hard work, driving thru horrendous traffic and the physical labor of delivering beds, (I exaggerate, except for the traffic!) we needed a good treat.  We met our directors, Steve and Ros and dear friend Becky at the local Thai restaurant, a favorite of all of us!

I'm not in the photo because I was relegated to my own table because I didn't want to share my sesame chicken.  Hmpf!

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