Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Adilson, Ivo, Paulo . . . well, "Them!"

June 2009 104Oh, how the boys love a party!  Who can blame them?  Who doesn't love a party?  No Mozambicans, I can promise you that.  This is a culture that LOVES  a good party!

We generally have a birthday party once a month for all those whose birthdays were during that month.  Sometimes we combine two months so it's more fun - how much of a party is it with only two boys???

Can I tell you how fun it is to plan a little party when you know that ANYTHING you do, I mean ANY thing, will be fun and appreciated?  Remember, these are the boys who cheered when I gave them a new pair of underwear!  Knowing they'll have a good time no matter what takes all the stress out of it!

June 2009 116 We always have a lunchtime party and have a yummy spaghetti meal with salad and sodas and jello.  I always make plenty of food so they can ask for as much as they want.  In the past, I've always managed to host it elsewhere so it's really special for them, going to another location.  But this time I had to have it in my house - I truly don't think they even noticed!

June 2009 105Tia Laura had a birthday in May too so she came in to join in the fun.  She's such a good sport!

Before lunch we played a couple games.  The best one was a relay to  dress the littlest boy while blindfolded!  They are too cute trying to do things June 2009 114like that.  The little ones being dressed could not seem to grasp how to call out to them so the blindfolded one knew where they were so a lot of time was spent bumbling around, the most fun part to be sure.  


June 2009 122After the lunch came the part they look forward to the most - cleaning up!  Just kidding!  The presents of course!  They each get a gift bag filled with a assortment of goodies.  Again, they are happy with so little.  (I wish I could say the same more often!)  One of the biggest hits was this Darth Vadar mask even though they never seen Star Wars.  They love masks of anything.  


Elidio and Simois were delighted with their gifts before they even saw what it was!June 2009 124   June 2009 121

What a privilege to celebrate with these precious boys they day they were born.  I pray they learn they were created with a purpose, that God has a plan for their lives!  And I pray that this kicks off a fantastic year ahead for them! 

Happy Birthday Elidio, Ivo, Simois, Paulo, Armando, Estevao, Adilson, Joao and Tia Laura! June 2009 011

  PS:  On the actual birthday, the special boy gets to use the much-loved Spiderman bucket, courtesy of my mom's neighbor, Marla, to give out candy to all the boys.  Then he sleeps with Spiderman sheets!!  Have I gone overboard with the Spiderman paraphernalia???  Here, Israel who turned 8 on Tuesday, is giving candy to a very happy Alexandre' while Dionicio looks on.

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