Monday, June 15, 2009

Introducing Jose', our newest little munchkin!

June 2009 098 Meet our newest little addition, Jose'.  He arrived just two days after I left for the US.  Jose' is six years old and his parents have both passed away.  He was living with his grandmother who was caring for five other children but she finds it difficult to really provide for his medical care. 

Jose' is feisty!  During his first month here, while I was away, he cried a lot, wanted toys for himself, provoked the other kids etc.  I was forewarned so I have taken a firm stance with him from the beginning, with lots of love and hugs and kisses of course as well.  But I'm trying to start with a firm message that he'll need to adapt to living with LOTS of other kids.  Or it'll be a nightmare for all of us! 

Jose' may be a bit headstrong but he's really loving, enjoys a good cuddle and is quite outgoing.  I think he's gonna do just fine here.  In fact, I believe he's going to thrive!

Please say a prayer for Jose' to quickly feel at home here.  I pray he receives, really drinks in, the love of his Heavenly Father as well!  If you'll say a prayer for his teeth as well, I'd appreciate it.  They are really, really bad.  Rotten even to the adult teeth that are coming in.  I'm concerned about what kind of treatment will help him.  So I'm praying God will just touch his teeth and make them perfect!

Sigh - it's so satisfying to be here for these kids whom otherwise, well, you just never know what they might encounter. I'm glad we're able to provide a safe haven and a loving home for little people like Jose'! 

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