Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tying the Knot!

Dad's Wedding 084 I'd like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. John C. Anderson!  Or, John and Judi, as most people call them. "Kissing your bride" is still everyone's favorite part of any wedding I think and this one was no exception!

They got married in the sands of Lido Key, Florida, at 10am on a gorgeous Monday, June 1st.  About 40 friends and family gathered and about 100 or so strangers, drawn to a ceremony celebrating love and commitment, especially on the beach!

It was a simple ceremony but very personal.  They chose the selection of readings, they wrote their own vows (or should  say Judi wrote Dad's Wedding 656them and my dad agreed!) and Judi's grandson, Brandon, played a song he wrote especially for the occasion, "You Take My Breath Away."  The woman who married them, Jackie, has been a friend of Judi's for 27 years, sharing the same timeshare there in Lido Key.  That was one of the reasons they chose to marry there - the lovely beach was a huge draw but so were the friends they've made there over the years. 

Dad's Wedding 049 Judi has six children but only her daughter Cathy and her son Jon were able to be there.  Cathy's husband, son and daughter were able to be there as well.  I was the only one representing the Anderson's! We're all pictured above.  Jon walked his mom down the aisle and I was asked to walk my dad down as well.  That was unusual and fun!

Dad's Wedding 111They celebrated afterward with mimosas and cake, here they are toasting their happiness.  A bit later, we went to a very nice lunch at their favorite nearby restaurant, Hemingways. 


I know this is out of order but I like this photo of the Dad's Wedding 014three of us from the night before.  When walking thru the little town square, I saw these coolie cups that said Bride and Groom and they use these all the time so I had to get them for them. I thought she needed some Bling for her wedding!

People always ask if I'm happy my dad was getting remarried or if I like Judi - as I said during a brief toast at the reception - I couldn't have hand-picked a more lovely woman for my dad!  I am delighted for both of them!  Congratulations Dad and Judi!

(Some smart-aleck new relative of mine corrected me in the spelling of Jon's name and charged me a dollar for it - can you believe it?!  I had to make two changes, think I have to pay him two bucks?)

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