Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

July 2009 006-2

A week late that is, I'm so slow updating my blog when I'm in the U S of A!  Don't know why, you'd think I'd have loads of free time for stuff like this.  But I get distracted by the library!  And movies.  And phone calls to friends.  And making cake.  Speaking of . . . .

I made myself my very first double-decker cake, a vanilla buttermilk coconut concoction that was so yummy!

July 2009 001

Can you guess how old I am by that odd assortment of candles?

July 2009 003

And you thought I didn't look a day over 41!

July 2009 007

Here's my mom's cool neighbor Marla who hosted my little birthday dinner at her house.

July 2009 008-2

Making a wish . . .

July 2009 009-1

Did it!

July 2009 010

Doesn't that look yummy?  I kinda wish I could have some right now but we ate it all. 

July 2009 011  

That was my huge piece.  Yep, I ate all of it!

Triple sifted flour - that's the secret!


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! 42? Really??? I always thought you were in your late 20's! I guess hanging out with all those boys keeps you young!

CABean03 said...

Happy Belated Birthday! No way you are 42 already, I'm thinking maybe 31 (since I just turned 30). :) Boy that cake sure does look yummy!

Marcia Francois said...

happy birthday to you and you definitely don't look your age - I'd say early thirties!