Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Death in Mozambique

"Mana Laura, can you come?"  My phone rang at 5:00 am on that Friday with my darling Pedro asking me that question - could I come?  He could not wake up his grandmother.  There is no 911 here, no ambulances to call to rush someone to the hospital.  So they were calling me, who lives 45 minutes away, to come to take her to the hospital, another 30-40 minutes away. 

By the time I arrived, it was only to take her body to the morgue.

Pedro's grandmother died that day and it was one more death in Mozambique.  As the photo below will attest to, there are many deaths each day in this country.  The workers at the cemetary dig many graves, side by side, waiting for the days' funerals to begin. 

But this death was different for me.  This was Pedro's grandmother.  And since his mother lives in South Africa, this is who he lives with, who takes care of him.  An already difficult life just got harder.  And a family mourns the loss of their mother . . . grandmother . . wife.

June 2009 015This is the last photo we have of her.  It was taken about two weeks before she died.  Along with Pedro, her son Raymundo is in the photo, as well as her other grandson, the baby, and two step grandchildren she was also caring for. 

Pedro's  mother has been living in South Africa with her husband, where he works.  She has returned to be with the family for now but I'm really not sure what the future will hold.  The talk seems to go back and forth between her returning to SA or staying in  Mozambique.   

I miss Pedro's grandmother.  Pedro does too.  Please pray for him and his family that the decisions they make now will be in line with God's plans for their lives.  That Pedro and the other children will have a safe home, well protected and well cared for. 


The next row of graves expected to be used that day.100_4631

Pedro's mother and I laying flowers on the grave.

June 2009 018 June 2009 020

This is Pedro's mother with her youngest daughter.  And my darling Pedro, praying during the service at their home after the funeral. 

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Mindy said...

I am so sad for Pedro. I will be praying for him and his family. Hugs!