Thursday, August 20, 2009

Introducing Zeca!

August 2009 011Zeca has arrived in our home as well!  He came while I was in the US,  in late July.  His little sister and his two nieces, who are twins, live in the Baby House.  The twins are quite malnourished and needing a lot of care but thankfully, Zeca is healthy and well-fed and seems age-appropriate in his development. 

Zeca even knows how to write his name!  For six, in first grade, that's quite an accomplishment here.  I think this boy is quite clever!

August 2009 007He has been so polite and helpful and all the boys seem to like him.  Whether because I've encouraged them to, or because of his personality, they are always inviting him to play, and tagging along with him with their little arms around each other.  So cute.

I'm really enjoying Zeca living here with us!  Please pray that he grows to be all that God created him to be!  And for his little nieces to grow healthy and be restored to where they should be!

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