Wednesday, September 02, 2009

And then there were 29!


2009-09-02 September 2009 Remember little Jose' whom I just wrote about a few days ago?  Well, sad for me but happy for him, he is going to live in another dorm on the center today. 

He is only four years old which makes him too old for the Baby House but too young for my house.  September 2009 003

Vella's house was established with kids like him in mind, but she's also taken some special needs kids so we all thought she had a full plate.  She came to me this week and asked if I knew why he was with me and not her and I said I didn't except September 2009 002perhaps everyone thinks she's full.  Well, the upshot is, he is going to live with her!  It's wonderful really because there are now 7 boys total, instead of my 30, and he'll get lots more one-on-one attention and care.  I think he will just blossom there!

We will miss him though, especially Feliciano who he plays with every morning.  But, he's only about 50 yards away so we'll still see plenty of him!


Here he is with his new little September 2009 007brothers!  They are very excited to have him, want to know when his birthday is and make sure Vella tells the kitchen that they need more food now!  Such practical things on little boys' minds!


Please pray for little Jose' that he will thrive there, physically and emotionally!

(Ps: Just practicing with the photo collage at the top!)

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