Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good things come in threes!

Well, what happens around here when one goes away for three days?  Apparently one returns home to three new boys, one for each day!  Although, in truth, two brothers arrived the same day!

September 2009 080 While in South Africa last week for my dental implant (which I will have to return for this Monday as the screw fell out.  No jokes here about me having a screw loose please!), I got an email from Ros saying that a new little one had arrived, a small six year old named Shelton.  His sister had arrived in the girls' dorm as well.

He is slightly malnourished so would I be able to give him the same morning porridge that I give Lucas and Domingos, a vitamin-fortified cereal?  Of course, so I threw several more bags of it into my trolley at the grocery store where I stock up.  Everything is cheaper in South Africa!

September 2009 011  Barely had I processed that when I got an email the next day saying two brothers had arrived!  Alfiado is 9, as of July 1, and his little brother, Narciso, will turn 7 on October 17!  They look exactly alike, these two cuties!

Alfiado in particular has little scars all over his body from what looks like chicken pox gone very wrong.  He has a fungal condition all over his head that is quite bad.  But, although they seem neglected, they seem to be in fairly good health.  They'll have an in-depth check-up this week and we'll see how they are.

September 2009 138I arrived back from South Africa on Friday night and met them for the first time.  Shelton, the cutest thing ever, hasn't made a peep the whole time he's been here, and barely acknowledges me.  But the brothers, after watching from the sidelines as I hugged and kissed the boys hello, shyly worked their way close to me and received my kisses and hugs with silly grins.  They have warmed up completely and are delightful!

Please pray that these precious boys will quickly feel at home here, that we can help them get healthy and fill them with love and care, straight from the Father's heart!

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