Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Making Cookies!

It's so fun to do things with the boys just one or two at a time.  During one of Pedro's visits, we made oatmeal-cranberry cookies for the dorm!  He loves learning how to cook new things!

August 2009 002

August 2009 003 August 2009 004

Just this week I had a Jose' grande' and Salamao in to make spaghetti sauce too which they loved.  Their favorite part was the sizzle of the mince as it hit the pan!  I decided to risk letting them use the can opener for the chopped tomatoes.  With only one mishap (big splatter all over the counter and wall!) which we had a good laugh about, all went well and they were delighted.

"Anema!"  they declared!  Which means something like "Yummy!"

But, I forgot to take photos!  Oops!

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