Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mercy Air - a respite of peace!

People sometimes ask why I enjoy going to South Africa so much.  There are a number of reasons but the first one that always springs to mine is ANONYMITY!!!  With 30 little people around, not to mention the whole rest of the center, I really enjoy some time on my own to just be me without all the expectations. 

A close second would be PEACE  and QUIET!  And that's what I find in abundance at Mercy Air!  It's an aviation ministry located on a large, working farm.  One aspect of their ministry is to provide a peaceful respite for missionaries and that they do VERY well!!


Here I am upon arrival in my favorite suite, The Eagle's Nest!  It's upstairs in the main house and just feels like a hideaway.

September 2008 112

My favorite part of my favorite place is, of course, the bathtub!!!  With enough candles to read by and Harry Connick, Jr. providing the soundtrack, it's bliss!


September 2008 115 

I sleep in the big bed! And I love the African decor!

September 2008 117 

I take my breakfast here on the porch.

September 2008 121 

A daytime view of the bath and kitchenette.

September 2008 065

Upon arrival . . .

September 2008 071

Springtime in September!

September 2008 072

A shot of a couple of their planes.

September 2008 069

See the little doggie?  He so wanted me to follow him down that path!

September 2008 094  

The pool is a fantastic perk in the heat!

September 2008 076

The place is full of friendly dogs! 

September 2008 098 

And it's so lush, I just love all the greenery.

September 2008 108

Another Springtime shot.

September 2008 096

And to leave you with, one of the local monkeys!


skoots1mom said...

jumped over from Sarah's...
what a wonderful place...enjoy!!
thank you for all you do :)

Juçara said...

louvo a DEUS pelas vidas que estão sendo resgatadas emafrica gostaria de saber mais sobre o ministerio sou da igreja casa firme e trabalho com crianças na comunidade do boqueirão no jardim da saude se possivel retorne quero contatar com vcs DEUS abençõe