Thursday, September 10, 2009

Um, seriously? Someone stole my WINDSHIELD???

IMG_5466Yes indeed, they certainly did.  Here's the funny thing - Tuesday evening I bought 10 chairs while I was in the city.  As I was loading them in my car, which has no trunk, I thought "I wonder if these plastic chairs will be worth someone breaking into my car?"  (Well, they cost about $120 so in fact, they really might be worth it to someone!)   I was spending the night at my friend Sarah's (whose roommate's name is also Sarah!) so there wasn't much I could do. 

So, Wednesday morning, when one of the Sarah's left for work, I raised my sleepy head off the couch and said goodbye.  Moments later, she was back.  "Uh, Laura?  I'm sorry to have to tell you this but someone has stolen your windshield."  "What?!?!" "Are you serious?"    Sadly, she was quite serious. 

IMG_5462I threw on normal clothes and ran downstairs and sure enough, this was what I saw.  What a shocker!  You can tell when a theft is out of the norm when all the people passing by do a double take and stare!  That was kinda entertaining to watch actually!

But you wanna know what is amazing???  They didn't take one single thing from the car!  They didn't even enter the car!  And the doors were still locked!  What amazes me is that not only did the windshield thieves not steal anything inside but after the fact, no one else did either.  Perhaps they thought I'd had enough for one day?

IMG_5463I had an ashtray full of money, a pair of shoes on the passenger floor, an unopened parcel (with who knows what treasures inside?!), a couple cans of Coke Light (I might have been tempted by those!), my IPOD adapter even!  Not to mention the CHAIRS!  They weren't stolen!!  So even though I'd had that thought, that's not what they broke into my car to steal!  So bizarre.  I'm actually REALLY glad they didn't steal anything inside.  They cold have taken all the things we're required to have like a jack, cables, reflective triangles, reflective vest, etc., not to mention the flashlights, umbrellas, etc.  All that sure would have added up to replace.  I really am amazed and so grateful nothing else was taken.

I'm also very fortunate they didn't take that black rubber seal you see hanging out the window.  My mechanic couldn't find another one!  Which is a bit of a bummer because the way they cut mine, it would be better to replace rather than have to glue it as he will have to do.  But, at least I have it!

IMG_5464Another little bummer is, the tax payment proof is on the windshield.  So now I will have to deal with getting that anew.  I really have no idea if I will have to pay again or if my receipt will be proof enough.  That's just an inconvenience. 

As it is, it will cost about $250 to replace it, as well as fix some rust spots around the windshield while he's at it.  That's a bummer. 

But, it wasn't my car that was stolen!  And it wasn't anything in it.  So I am counting my blessings!  And having a good laugh at such a bizarre event!

IMG_5469I'm also laughing as I remember driving the 40 minutes home without a windshield - it was quite amusing to people passing by!  Thank God it didn't rain as it looked like it could open up and pour at any minute! I made it home without even one policeman on the road looking my way, so I didn't have to stop and explain myself.  Yay! 

Now, my cute little Venture is in the trusty hands of my mechanic and I will soon be the proud owner of a brand new baby windshield!


A Bookish Mom said...

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Lori ~ The Simple Life at Home said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine this!!!! How hysterical!! (Well, it would be if it weren't for the $250 bill, I guess!) But it is a sign of the kind of people around that nothing else was taken.

Quite the story you have here!