Monday, October 05, 2009

Mozambique's Next Top Male Model search is on!

September 2009 058 September 2009 062

Pedrito Pai

September 2009 074 September 2009 067

Simois Daniel

September 2009 109 September 2009 116

Armando Lito

September 2009 101 September 2009 107

Ivo Adilson

September 2009 117 September 2009 120

Tia Laura Tia Bilena

September 2009 126 September 2009 128

Tia Anna Mana Laura

September 2009 037 September 2009 077

Shelton Alfiado

We begin with four cute-as-a-button littlies from Room 3, the youngest boys in the dorm. The second two, Simois and Daniel, are brothers! But you can only vote for one!

Room 1, the middle age, was conspicuously absent from the photo shoot. Could it be they are overly self-conscious of their missing front teeth? Nah, simply they were playing in the back garden, rather than down by the soccer field!

The next group of four are from the biggest and most handsome boys in the dorm, Room 2!

The Ladies are included here simply for consideration for the "best sport" award. The blurry one, Mana Laura won't win it for sure - she didn't even jump down from the tree as everyone else did!

And lastly, honorable mention goes to our very serious newest entrants. Shelton and Alfiado arrived last week and were still getting a feel for things during our photo shoot.

Let me know who YOU would choose for Mozambique's Next Top Male Model!!!

And remember, there are 22 more boys in consideration for runner-up! (Actually, they either weren't there, Room 1, or their photos were too blurry. Less is more anyway, huh?)


DeAnna said...

I vote for all of them!
Can I bring them all home too?
What beautiful children of God~
Bless them Father, with your abundant nature, bless them, more than they'll every expect or comprehend, bless them father, for they are yours!

Colleen and Michael said...

I'd like to vote for all of them too! What a wonderful group of boys you have!

Jennifer said...

I know this has to be tongue-in-cheek because there is no way you can expect us to choose among those precious smiling faces!

And now for a random question... are there any colleges in Mozambique?

Samantha said...

OH my goodness!
How absolutely precious!!!!
I just want to snuggle them all!!!

Claire Koenig said...

They're all so sweet looking, no doubt becuase their wonderful smiles catch a great moment. They are little boys, after all and surely have other moments!

That said, now can I not "Vote for Pedro"?!

Sheila said...

Ah! They are so cute! I read your comment this morning on my poor old blog Straight On Through (I really should update that one - ha ha)

Thank you for the comments. I have a team leaving for Honduras again in two weeks.... actually it was 2 weeks from Friday, so 12 days. There are 9 of us and we will be there Oct 30 - Nov 7. I will have lots of pictures and I am sure that will update my older blog but I will certainly link to it from my book blog.

I will have to find the profile thing you spoke of that says I have had 46 visitors and update it. My book one has had to date 42,981. Who knew such a wonderful community existed? I love reading blogs and meeting people and I am so glad I fond my way to yours yesterday.

I will keep reading - I love what you are doing and seeing those kids!

Laura said...

Hi Ladies! Thanks for all your kind comments on my cuties! I should start a series and make sure they all get their moment in the spotlight!
Claire, I have to say, I think I actually guffawed when I read your comment! I had just watched Napolean Dynamite the night before so it was perfect!
Thanks for all your prayers ladies for these little ones to grow into the men God has created them to be!
And, thanks for reading and commenting!