Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Newest Family

October 2009 015 Alfiado, Narciso and Clotilde arrived in late September after one of our pastors told us about the difficult situation they were living in nearby in Marracuene. 

They were living with their mother and auntie (picture in the photo with the mother at left and the auntie with her son at right).  You can of course see that they are both albinos although none of the children are.  Albinism is VERY common here in Mozambique (and perhaps throughout Africa but I could not say that for sure).  I probably see an albino every day that I am off the center.  Life is incredibly difficult  for them as the sun is so hot here and burns strongly for so many months of our hot season. Many skin disorders plague the person who is an albino.  There is some social ostracism as well but not as much as there used to be when albino babies were often killed because they were believed to be cursed.  Although that may still occur, many if not most albinos are integrated normally into a society that recently ostracized them.  Please don't quote me, I am not an albino expert! I am going on impressions and the occasional conversation with a Mozambican about the subject!

September 2009 011 Back to our precious pumpkins!

This family had been living in Inhambane, about eight hours north of here, until their father died and his family did not permit them to stay.  This is always a tragic situation, I will NEVER get used to it although we hear of it all the time.  So they came back to the Maputo area but only found a place to stay but no work.  Their kinesu (like bamboo) home had gaps you could not only see thru but put your hand thru.  The home wasn't very sanitary and so all three children had skin disorders and health problems.  

September 2009 096So, it was decided to bring them here to help them get well and until we can help the mom (and auntie) get suitable housing and some source of income.  We hope that is soon as all three children were crying when their mom and auntie left, it was heartbreaking!

Please pray for wisdom for us in this situation.  We don't want to just create people dependent on handouts but there is likely very little this mother is qualified to do that would earn any income.  The auntie is missing a leg as well which makes physical work not impossible but very challenging for her. 

I am so grateful to be able to be here living out one of my favorite verses in the Bible - looking after orphans and widows in their distress!  Thanks for all of you who are praying, supporting and encouraging me in this incredible journey!October 2009 002

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