Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shelton is home from the hospital!

September 2009 057 With everything happening with Paulo's death, I didn't have a chance to write a post saying that my newest boy, Shelton had gone to the hospital the same day that Paulo died.  Talk about a fright!  When someone dies, you become quite aware of the frailty of life.  It's amazing how resilient yet tenacious we humans are at the same time!

Little Shelton arrived just over two weeks ago.  Sunday morning, about an hour after learning Paulo had died, my Tia pointed out to me that Shelton had very labored breathing, a high fever and he had vomited in the night.  I felt so bad for having to call the nurse on call who was only just finishing with arranging Paulo's body going to the morgue!

She gave him paracetemol to bring down his fever which didn't help at all.  An hour later, she gave him September 2009 134ibuprofen which did take it away, thankfully.  She was also trying him on a nebulizer (which helps clear the airways) but after that had little effect, she decided he needed to go to the hospital.  

He was admitted on Sunday and just came home on Wednesday afternoon.  He came home with a diagnosis of pneumonia which we knew he had.  They didn't say he has asthma which we were suspecting but I don't know if they've ruled that out 100%.  They also took a TB test which came back negative, thankfully!

His breathing is still a little labored which is from the fluid on his lungs but not a thing as bad as it was on Sunday.  He hasn't had a fever since then either.

October 2009 029His grandmother went to the hospital with me to visit him.  This photo is of her with Shelton and his little sister, Thursday the day after he came home from the hospital.  She came when Shelton did and is staying in our girls' dorm. 

Two "small" words about the hospital and why I'm so glad he's home now:

1.  Monday morning, the doctor was seeing Shelton at breakfast time.  So, he didn't get to eat breakfast!!!!  He couldn't get down to the dining room because it was closed by the time the doctor was gone and they wouldn't make an exception.  And, the tia had asked to bring the bowl of porridge to the room for when the doctor was gone but they said No.  Why?  Because the doctor was there!!!  (what, is he allergic to porridge?!?)  I was FURIOUS!  The twist of the knife was that while I was visiting, at 4:30pm, she was able to bring his snack (a bowl of porridge!) into the room to feed him!!!  Hello!  This is a hospital where people are supposed to get well!  A sick, five year old taking about five different meds doesn't need to eat for 18 hours straight - because "the doctor was there???" 

2.  The person who stays with the child/patient, isn't allowed to keep ANYthing in the room.  Not an extra capulana (the piece of material they use for a skirt, wrap, towel, blanket, etc.), not their purse, not a diaper (if the child is using  them), not a set of clothes, a toothbrush, nothing.  And, not food! They can eat when their visitors bring them food (because the hospital only provides the basics for the patient), but they can't keep any of the food in the room.  Where must they keep it?  In the BATHROOM!  In an open cubbie!!!  For the sake of decorum, can I suffice to say that the bathrooms in the hospital are  not clean?  I've been in them, please trust me on this, I won't go into detail but you've not likely been in a gas station, beach bathroom or reststop that holds a candle to these bathrooms!  Do you know ANYone who stores food in their bathroom?  And we aren't talking about canned goods here.  Not only do I wonder "are they trying to drum up more business here?"  but many, many of the things left in the bathroom are stolen as well.  It's terrible and so unnecessary. 

In case you think I was ranting just there, trust me, those were my "small" words about the hospital! 

I am SO glad Shelton is home!

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I am so glad he is ok!