Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Isn't She Lovely?

France in the Fall! 028It's been so nice to have a visit with my mom and she is looking fantastic!  She's doing quite well too, after a brief stay in the hospital last week which gave me a scare.  She had a temperature so they admitted her to keep an eye on it.  They never did determine the exact cause but she didn't have the flu or pneumonia so we were grateful for that.

Since being released, she hasn't felt quite her normal self but a doctor's visit confirmed our suspicion that it was the extra meds as well as the flu shot that was to blame.  Since stopping the meds, she has felt fine again. 

One new troubling concern is she has felt quite wobbly this week, as well as having what she calls "brain pain", different from a headache, which she's had for months now.  An MRI has ruled out any spread of the cancer and so they have referred her to a neurologist to see about neuropathy, a possible side-effect of the chemo.  

So, in spite of all those things, I think she is doing fantastic!  Please France in the Fall! 030 keep her in your prayers thru this winter.  The cold and flu season is no good for her lowered immune system and the gloomy weather just makes it harder to get out and about.  The winter can be long and boring for her. 

Good thing she'll have me to pester her with daily phone calls til December at least! 

Love you so much Mom!  Thanks for being my biggest cheerleader!

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Meghann said...

So excited to hear the positives about your mom! Praying for you and her as you get to spend time together.