Friday, November 27, 2009

Tchau, Zecca!

September 2009 165 Even though I'm in the US of A, life carries on in Mozambique.  Hmm, who decided that?  Anyway, one of my little darlings, Zecca, went home to live with his mom this week.  Although I will miss him - he is a doll! - I am delighted for them both!

Really, it was kind of a mix-up that he came in the first place.  He was brought in with his little sister and his twin nieces, who are only a couple years younger than him.  The twins are definitely malnourished and weren't being cared for properly but when I saw Zecca, I couldn't figure out why he had come to live with us as well because he looked (and was determined to be) very healthy and well taken care of. 

Because he'd already changed schools and all, it was decided to keep him with us until summer holidays which began in the beginning of November.  August 2009 011

So now he will go back to live with his mom.  Who knows the purposes of God in allowing him to come live with us for a few months?  I pray that he has come to know in his heart that God loves him with an amazing Father's heart - so much that he sent his son Jesus to be his Savior and Lord.  As I write this, I am reminded that I first accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was nine, not much older than Zecca is.  So I pray that God has captured Zecca's heart, never to let go! 

Please pray for him with me, for this and for his reintegration into his family life and away from us and our center.  I will sure miss him!

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