Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Visit from Albano

October 2009 022 "Hmm, who's that boy walking in the door, with his hoodie up and backlit from the light of the door?"  I turn to Tia Marta beside me and ask in near slow motion - "Is that Albano???"  He takes down his hood and we all erupt in cheers of delight to see our little buddy Albano again! 

Farewell Albano Sept 024 This is the first time he has visited since he left two years ago, in September 2007.  He said he just felt like coming so he and his little friend hopped in a chapa and came for the day. 

We loaded them up with good food, two changes of clothes (theirs had seen better days to put it mildly), toothpaste and brushes and lots of hugs and love.  They sure enjoyed the trampoline and scooter and Albano was a bit of a star around the center seeing all his old friends.

April 2009 125 I had seen Albano once while driving through Matola, where he lives, which I wrote about here, but this was the first time getting to spend some time with him.  He's finishing fourth grade right now, is looking well-fed but hasn't grown too much, he's still our little Albano.   

Please keep him in your prayers, he has a lot of potential but also a bit of a rascal streak!!  We love him dearly and hope he visits again soon!

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