Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

December 2009 108

Here's my little group (several have gone to visit family) with Rebecca who is helping me in the dorm now, with our little guys, waiting for the festivities to start.

December 2009 137

Pai has enjoyed the decorating activities!

December 2009 139

This is the whole group, with my boys in the forefront, the girls next and the rest of the boys to the far right, all watching a movie.

December 2009 135

Pedro, with his bag of sweets, tired but determined to stay awake!

Five fell asleep but woke up in time to watch the fireworks display down on the soccer field.

Happy New Year everyone!

I pray God's richest blessings poured out on you in 2010.  May you find Him faithful as you are faithful to Him!


The Reeds said...

I have a canon rebel. I have so much fun with it!

If you put the setting on "P", and then go to WB (white balance) and change it to Tungsten for indoor (or flourescent etc. depending) it really makes those indoor pics less yellow. But I accidentally had it on that and pictures outside look blue. Smurfs galore!

Tell me what you learn!

'J and A Latvala said...

Hi Laura! "Your" kids are absolutely beautiful. I am praising God right now for your beautiful and sacrificial ministry. It is so inspiring!

I wanted to stop by and invite you to join in on the "Christmas Around the World" photo challenge at Missionary Moms! There a fun giveaway to go along with the challenge! Come visit the following post to find out more! God bless!