Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Day at the Beach!

For all you snowbound or just plain cold readers enjoy these shots of my boys enjoying our 100+ degree weather!

February 2010 012

February 2010 016

Gorgeous Shelton

 February 2010 018 February 2010 019

L. Pai hugging Vicente               R. Paulito's Big Grin

February 2010 037

Very cool Dionisio February 2010 042

Chubby Bubba Simois February 2010 044

Looking-much-older-than-his-sevenyears Salomao February 2010 053

Couldn't resist another Shelton shot! February 2010 057

Funny Feliciano!

 February 2010 059

Too-cool Antonio

February 2010 035

Come swim with us!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

In the Navy . . .

That's the song I've been singing all weekend!  After this week's visit by the Navy to our center, I had the chance to go to the city to enjoy some Navy-inspired festivities over the weekend.

February 2010 010Sharon and I decided to go on Friday night to hear 'Top Brass' perform again, this time with a couple Mozambican bands who were so cool.  We are definitely looking for where and when we can keep enjoying those bands here locally. 

Then we headed over to the Marine Guard House (that where the Marines who guard the Embassy live) for a potluck in honor of the sailors that was from 3-12.  We were some of the last people there, I think we left just before midnight! 

Although there are no photos to prove it, I have to brag a little to say I was part of two teams, once with Melissa and once with Jeff, who played foosball most of the evening.  I think we must have played about 12 games and only lost once, and then only by one point.  I loved it!  But my wrist is still hurting today!February 2010 011February 2010 019

While we were there, one of the Embassy staff came and asked if Sharon and I would like to take a tour of the two Navy ships on Saturday.  Of course we would!  So we got to tour the USS Nicholas and the HSV-2 Swift.  It was fun to see some of the sailors who had served at our center on Wednesday or were at the potluck the night before in their uniforms and doing their jobs!  February 2010 016   February 2010 033 

This is the Swift, isn't it cool looking?  It's a re-designed ferry!  I may have over simplified that but that's what I got out of the tour. 

February 2010 030

Defending the Flag and all it stands for!

Thanks sailors for serving your country and the world!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Navy docks again in Mozambique!

What a great honor it was to have the US Navy send about 40 of it's sailors to work at our center today.  (You can read about last year's visit by the USS Robert G. Bradley here and here.)  The USS Nicholas and the USS Swift are here in Mozambique as part of their tour of eastern and southern Africa.  They chose to spend part of their community relations project here at Iris. 

In addition, we had several other special guests.  A few folks from the Embassy came and did music and crafts with the Baby House and my dorm, the new US Ambassador was here as well as the Navy band, 'Top Brass.'  It was a fun day.

Once again, I was proud of America, our military, the Navy and my dad, a retired Navy non-commissioned officer!

Navy visit 2010 003 

Just had to get this shot with his Navy shirt!

Navy visit 2010 005

This sailor is a Senior Chief, the same rank my dad was when he retired from the Navy!

Navy visit 2010 009

One of the sailors helping cut out giraffes with my boys!

Navy visit 2010 014

The woman in the middle is our new US Ambassador to Mozambique, Leslie Rowe.  She seems very down to earth.  Along with her in the photo, L-R, are: Todd Chapman, the departing Charges d'Affaires, (and my dorm helper, Rebecca's uncle!), Pastor Jose, Linda's husband, and Francisco, our Iris Administrator. 

Navy visit 2010 022

  This sailor, the most senior ranking member of the ship at our center, is being presented with one of our posters of our kids.  (PS: he's the same one in the photo above who shares the same rank as my dad!)

Navy visit 2010 023

Here's the military band, Top Brass, who were so good and so fun.  When was the last time I heard live New Orleans style jazz, I ask you?

Navy visit 2010 026 

These guys were my fav!

  Navy visit 2010 027

So, what'd I do after they left?  I did what any homesick American would do if they could - grabbed a snack from home and ate it with abandon!