Sunday, March 21, 2010

Honey, Baby, Lovey, Naftal

Christmas 2009 091 Oh, my heart is breaking friends.  It is breaking to watch my little Naftal suffer so much.  Breaking into a thousand sometimes angry pieces knowing SOMEthing could be done to help alleviate his suffering and yet for reasons I cannot fathom, nothing is.  Breaking into confused pieces as to why God has not yet chosen to heal Naftal when he so easily could.  Breaking into helpless pieces when I call and hear his sweet voice say "Mana Laura, I'm not good" when I've asked how he is.

February 2010 021 

(Naftal on the far right just a month before entering hospital)

Some other feelings?

angry at the hospital processes and trying not to translate that into angry at individual people.

frustrated that I can do absolutely nothing to advocate for him.  Nothing.  There's no talking with doctors or nurses, no asking for updates or can they try such and such.  No one has even spoken to his father yet nor gotten his permission for anything.  I literally cannot affect his care at all. 

touched by his sweet father who visits sometimes twice a day (the second time comes if he manages to sneak in while it's time to bring the caregivers food or other necessities like toilet paper, etc) and loves his son so obviously and joyfully.January 2010 027

humbled by the faith of small children who are praying for Naftal every day with such clarity and such utter confidence.

grateful that I can drop everything and visit him every day, even though it's about 3 1/2 hours in total every time.  Grateful for a car, money for gas and flexible work that allows for those visits.  Sometimes his dad wasn't able to visit because he didn't have the .65 cents to take the public transport!  (One of my amazing friends has given $50 specifically for his father's transport and so he can buy him a snack or drink each day!  So precious the Body of Christ!)

amazed at Naftal's perseverance and lack of complaining!  He's never even once asked for us to take him home.  

awed/grateful/humbled by my Tias who spend 24 hour shifts with him, sleeping sitting up in a cold metal chair, eating sick people's soup for lunch and dinner and returning to care for their normal room of kids the other three days of their work shift.  They NEVER, EVER complain!  Please keep them in your prayers as well!

March 2010 010


Please keep praying for Naftal, for God's will to be done and for people to act with compassion and kindness and mercy toward him!

I REALLY appreciate your prayers and encouragement and support, more than you know!

Sweet Honey, Baby, Lovey, Naftal!


Lori ~ The Simple Life at Home said...

Oh, I can't even imagine being in your position. How frustrating that must be and heartbreaking beyond all imagination. I'm praying for Naftal and I hope that God works a miracle here.

lady said...

God never shuts one door but he opens another. ........................................

Laura said...

Hi Lori and Lady,

Thanks for taking time to comment with your empathy, I appreciate it! And your prayers as well. It was such a blessing to know people were praying for us!

(Lady, can I ask how you found my blog?? I see you don't have a profile/blog of your own!)

Nikita said...

Dear, dear Laura...I know that you are still dealing with this and that the children are still dealing with this especially now that Naftal is gone. I wish I could have met him before God took him home. I have a question based on something you said. If some/all of your boys and other children there were praying for Naftal and trusted God so much in healing him, how have they handled the fact that Naftal was not healed? I am just curious to know how this has affected their faith, as children especially are so fragile there and so easily moldable.