Thursday, March 18, 2010

Precious Naftal

January 2010 027 News is not good for Naftal.  He looked much worse today than he has all week.  Our director spoke with our "inside man" doctor today (not Naftal's doctor) who confirmed there is a secondary tumor on  his heart.  Also, it looks like there may be a tumor on each kidney rather than just the one we thought, which only occurs in about 5% of Wilm's Tumor cases.  This is obviously not good news.  They are now thinking of starting with chemo before surgery to try and shrink the tumors. 

His condition is so rare that they will likely publish an article on it which I'm sure will help other cases in the future.  But I wish they would just treat him in the present, his symptoms and the underlying cause.  He has now been in the hospital for two weeks and five days with no identifiable treatment, several tests (including an MRI!!  that was a nice surprise they could do that here!) but no treatment. 

Please keep praying for Naftal for it's clear that only a miracle of God will really be able to help him now.  And we are trusting for that miracle!!

I appreciate your prayers as well. I go to see Naftal every day except Mondays and it's about a three hour trip.  That's taking a toll on the rest of my day and time and I feel very stretched for time with the rest of my boys.  These past two days, my little Lucas gave me a scare and was vomiting everything he ate and deteriorated quickly to not being able to hold his head up or sit up on his own.  I was nervous he was going to repeat his awful condition of last November but, praise God, he is better now, nearly back to his normal self today!

I am going to South Africa Friday, giving a ride to a couple who are leaving and bringing back a newly arrived couple who will be joining us long-term.  I'll go to two dentists, the mechanic and an assortment of other errands but also hope to REST! 

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Mindy said...

Praying for Naftal - and you!