Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello friends and readers.  Just a quick note to say we've been without internet at the center for almost two weeks now.  That's why you haven't heard from me lately.  I'm in the city now at a cafe that offers internet, trying to catch up on emails. 

Some highlights:

*School holidays last week equaled three trips on the ferry over the river; one hysterical child causing the ferry to be turned back and all of us ushered off; 31 soft drinks; three trips to the airport and 31 ice cream cones!

*Mumps were confined to the original three boys and none of them got it too badly.

*Still no ATM card (and thus no cash) and a credit card frequently declined as the fraud alert kicks in.  Drat those thieves who stole my purse!

*Temporary passport may lead to a new DIRE soon - let's hope!

*New lock system for the car has already broken.  And been repaired again.   At least some things happen fast here in Africa!

*Getting a lot of reading, cooking and exercising done without the internet.  Hmmm, could get used to that actually!

See you around again sometime!

Love, Laura

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