Saturday, April 10, 2010

Minha Shara (or, My namesake)!!!

 April 2010 029

Introducing . . . Little Laura!!!!  Isn't she a precious little bundle?  A chubster too!    She is two months old this week and looking very healthy and happy.  And a bit like me, do you think???

April 2010 028

Laura's mom, Rebecca, is holding her with me in this photo.  And on the right is her grandmother, Julia.  Julia has been working in my dorm since a few months before I arrived in the dorm in 2004.  She comes every Friday and works half a day washing the boys' towels.  My salaried Tias could do that but Julia was hired by the missionary before me to give her some small income in exchange for the work and I've kept her all these years.  She faithfully comes every Friday unless she or a family member is ill.

She has a lovely, joyful spirit and is a hard worker, often picking up the yard and garden after her towels are done and she waits for lunch.  She attends our church as well and always stops by for a visit. 

It's been a privilege to have her as part of our dorm all these years and now she's bestowed a great honor on me - she has named her granddaughter after me!!!  So now I have a shara (pronounced "sh-rah!")!  A very great honor indeed. 

I pray this Little Laura knows the joy and peace and contentment of walking with the Lord Jesus just as I have.  I pray she is kept healthy and fed and clothed and loved abundantly just as I have been.  I pray she knows she is a daughter of the King of Kings, just as I do!  I pray for wisdom and discernment from the Lord of how he would like me to be involved with this precious family.

Honestly, I think she might look a little like me don't you?

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Colleen and Michael said...

That is indeed a very cool honor!