Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Day at the Movies - I mean, A Day IN the Movies!

May 2010 021-1

It all started with some simple photos! Well, about 80 simple photos, of our kids ages 7-14, by my new buddy Dino, above. That's Dionisio he's taking a photo of, who, incidentally was one of the first chosen. Can you blame them, with that smile?

But I'm a bit ahead of myself. There is a film being shot here in Maputo, our capital city, and they need a ton of kids to be in it because it's called "Children's Republic." That's the working title anyway. And besides eighty or so of our little darlings, guess who else is going to be in it??? DANNY GLOVER

Yes, I said, DANNY GLOVER - this man right here:


That's Danny Glover folks, kicking it on the streets of Maputo watching our kids do their scene:


Over and over and over. Watching them do their scene over and over and over I mean. Have you ever heard an actor say acting isn't exciting, it can be quite boring and lots of sitting around? Well, believe them when they say it!

I found the whole process completely fascinating and quite boring, both at the same time. It is amazing how many times they will shoot the same ten seconds of scene. It was a lot of fun though and basically our kids got to play all day. Oh, and eat a yummy lunch.

Here's some of our stars in the making:

037-1 044-1

Pedrito and Moises thought they were supposed to FIGHT over the tricycle for their part in the movie, that took a lot of sorting out. In fact, I still don't think they're clear on it. But they are cute, huh?

May 2010 014

Silly boys, trying to be entertained during long breaks!


Rui the traffic cop! He had a big role directing all those bicycles and fish sellers walk around!


Hey, how'd that white lady get in there? I just wanted a shot with the real action going on behind me! They were filming right that minute!


The yummy lunch we had with chicken, chips, rice and salad, yum! And the man eating lunch with us . . .


That's right folks, Danny Glover, just in case you forgot! So, keep your eye out for The Children's Republic!


Mindy said...

So cool and exciting! You look great Laura - cute shoes too!

Andy, Amy & Addysen said...

Wow! How awesome! My brother used to do work as an an extra on films, just for fun. So I know all about how long and boring filming is. Imagine making millons just to do that, huh?
I am so glad that you and the boys got to be a part of something so special. Danny Glover looks like he's tall (and aging!) What a fun experience!

Nikita said...

You got to meet Danny Glover!?!?! I am so jealous! It sounds like an interesting day. You certainly seem to have a lot of those...Still praying for you.

Laura said...

Funny thing about the shoes Mindy - I bought them at a thrift shop in the US for $1. I love them as they're nicer than flip flops but practical for here. I wore them til the little flowers came off and they looked a bit sad.
About three weeks ago, was at someone's leaving sale and found the EXACT shoes, in my size, for . . . $1!!!! (with the flowers intact). I was so tickled!
And it was fun to be on a film set and with Danny Glover! We have two more days of shooting with our kids, the 29th and 30th - can't wait!
Thanks for leaving comments ladies!