Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting ready for Children's Day

May 2010 037

"Mana Laura!" he whispered on the way to church this morning.  "Yes, honey?"  I replied to my little newly seven year old sweet pea.  "Is it Um de Junho yet???" he whispered again.  "No, honey, another week."  "Okay!" he practically shouted and skipped off to church! 

Um de Junho is the First of June and it is Children's Day!  We celebrate it here much like Christmas day, a new outfit in the morning, a gift bag full of pressies and a big chicken meal for lunch.  The kids love it and start asking about it at least a month ahead of time. 

The photo above I took today while I was arranging the new outfits for Room two, the biggest boys.  The other two rooms will have the exact matching outfit (which are in the bags on the floor) but for Room Two, I had accumulated several mis-matched new shirts that I want to use.  So their shirts won't match but their cord trousers will. 

At the time I stopped to take this photo, I also paused to thank God for his amazing provision for me and for my boys.  His heart is SO big and he has shared that heart with the amazing people who help make it possible for my boys to be so blessed.   Thank you!

Stay tuned for a report on the actual day when you'll see little people wearing those cute clothes!

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