Friday, May 14, 2010

Have I told you about Ralph?

 Birthdays 031-1 Well, if you're thinking Ralph is a strange name for a Mozambican boy, you'd be right.  But he's not a boy, he's a tortoise!!!

And I am inordinately fond of him.  It's ridiculous really, how fond I am of Ralph. 

When I walk in his garden, my delighted shout of "Ralphie!!!"  can be heard across the center.

Ralph lives in the house "across the street" which is really just across the sand.  Many residents of that house have came and went but Ralph remains constant.  In fact, for a time, during the missionary business meeting, we referred to it as "Ralph's House" since no one could keep track of who was living there when.

But occasionally I am blessed to be able to housesit there and that's when me and Ralph get to hang out.  I absolutely love it when he comes toddling in the door and up the middle of the living room floor.

Now I know that after the following confession, you will have proof that I am nuts!  But I'll tell you anyway.  One time, I brought Ralph up onto my lap to try and snuggle!!!  Have you ever tried to snuggle with a 25 pound tortoise?  Whose arms and legs are just flailing away but gripping nothing but air?  Oh, let me tell you, it's hilarious!  As is my ridiculousness!

So even though I didn't get a good snuggle, I got a good laugh and a great memory!

Birthdays 054-1


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The Reeds said...

That's awesome!! I'm glad Ralph has a safe place to live!!