Sunday, May 09, 2010

Soup Weather has arrived - almost!

May 2010 055

I enjoy soup all year round and my boys? Well, let's face it - they love eating anything all year round!

May 2010 048So this week, for the Afternoon Program, we made soup! Bless Rebecca, she took that on on her own Tuesday as I had a visit to make in the community. But Wednesday and Thursday I was able to be there too.

In theory, I use one week a month of the Afternoon program for us to make something to eat but I seem to be a bit off on my structures lately. So we haven't made anything for quite awhile.

May 2010 052So they were excited to pitch in and help cook! They are very proud of their culinary skills!

Even though they're a little nervous about the flame! That's healthy.

I just like watching how excited they get over even something as small pouring a cup of water in the pot! And then how much they love to eat it! Are they not the cutest little bunch of peanuts you've ever seen???

May 2010 059

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Mindy said...

What sweet, sweet pictures! I always love to see your kids and what you've been doing. Happy Mother's Day to YOU!