Sunday, February 06, 2011

The door is always open!

February 2011 019

I love it when boys who used to live here come back for a visit!  These two brothers, Narciso above and Alfiado below, came to church today with their mom and I was so happy to see them!  You see, they were reintegrated while I was on my extended stay in the US so I wasn't here to say goodbye or anything.

February 2011 017

But I was thrilled they had moved home with their mom.  We only agreed to take them for a short while after their father died and the family relocated down to this area (as they weren't allowed to stay in the father's family home!).  So I was glad it worked out that they were fairly quickly able to return to their mother, whom they love. 

I had just this week written a list of those "big things" that I was wanting to get done, things that are outside of the norm and don't exactly fit on a to-do list.  "Alfiado" was one of those items on the list, meaning visit Alfiado and Narciso!  It requires one of the Reintegration tias who know where his house is to take me, etc., so although I'd been wanting to visit since I came back in December, it just was never seeming to get done.

I was so glad I could tell him - and show him - his name on my list so he knew I was thinking about him and wanting to visit.  I still do!

 February 2011 026 February 2011 007

I was happy to see them looking well-fed and well cared for, happy and easy-going.  And that they remembered their trampoline skills! My heart feels lighter for having seen them.


This photo was taken over a year ago when the boys were new and their mom, on the left, their aunt and their cousin visited.  Sadly, the aunt has since died and their mom is looking after their cousin as well.  And yes, in case you are noticing, they are albinos, very common here in Mozambique!


Meghann said...

Aw...I SO wish I was here! I miss those little guys and would have loved to see Mae as well! I'm sure you LOVED seeing them...and whenever you get to Alfiado on that "big things" list can you please take me along!? Thanks!

Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

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Nikita said...

Did you guys get a new trampoline?

Laura said...

Meghann: Tracey and I just talked about going and I said you would want to go to. We just need to make a plan!
Teuvo: thanks for stopping by from Finland!
Nikki: Yes! Natalie bought one while I was in the US (she's the one who lived in my dorm and took care of the boys while I was gone.) What a blessing, they love it!