Thursday, February 03, 2011

The hardest day of every year . . .

January 2010 057

I hate this day every year.  I know it's coming, far in advance.  My head knows but my heart doesn't want to believe it.

January 2010 053

This is the day when my oldest boys, Room Two, move up to the next dorm.  Our dorms are determined by age so it's time for this oldest group to move up.  Ridiculous when they are such teeny tiny pumpkins!


January 2010 018

Most of them were excited, they love being able to play outside after dinner, which my boys aren't allowed to do - we keep them in after they've showered, eaten and then it's dark.  So these boys feel so grown up that they get to play outside at night!  I feel they are babies who should be locked inside until they are 18!!!

January 2010 060

All packed up with their new traveling bags, and ready to go.  This is when I start holding back the tears and plaster a smile on my face.  January 2010 061

Hugs all around from their little brothers who follow in their footsteps someday.  More sniffling and blinking.  "Mana Laura, are you crying?"  "Nope, nope, not me!"

January 2010 062 

Big hugs goodbye and off to the new dorm . . .

January 2010 065

Isn't it fitting that the only photo I took in their new dorm is blurry?  Perhaps it was because my vision was blurred with my tears?

I know they will be ok - they are not even a football field away.  But it's hard to let them go - when they are eight! - when you've invested so many years into them. 

The sweet news?  Two of them were already back at my dorm playing before I even arrived!  Precious pumpkins!


Nikita said...

What happens to the special needs boys as they grow up? Do they move up too and continue to get special care? What about when they turn 18? Do you still have to kick them out or do you still continue to care for them?

Laura said...

Hi Nikki,
We are actually in the process of building a special needs house!! This is very exciting as there is no other plan. Although it's hard to imagine my three living in my dorm when they are 25, unless we have a special needs dorm, there wouldn't be anywhere else for them. No they would not leave at 18. Unless we discovered other suitable places that are geared toward disabled adults where we felt the conditions were wonderful. Who knows, maybe there is or will be a place like that here!