Thursday, February 10, 2011


February 2011 001 I think it's been around a year since I last broke out the puzzles for my boys.  Here's how I figured that:  I've been back for two months, I was gone for six months, and it was likely several months before that since we'd used the puzzles!  Voila'!  About a year!

February 2011 005 February 2011 007

(oops, I chopped off the top of Edson's head!)!

Which means that some of the boys who live with me now have never done a puzzle, never even seen one!  Some don't realize that you only use the colored side of the pieces.  Nor do they know that the "straight" lines (these are kiddie puzzles) go on the outside.  

February 2011 010 February 2011 014

(Chico, r, loves to make funny faces when having his photo taken!)

It is so fun to explain to them to look for the same color or the face of the piggie or Santa's beard and see them make the connection.  It takes a few times helping but it suddenly clicks and most of them figure out the clues on their own.  They are so proud and so am I!February 2011 013

If anyone has any other good ideas for stimulating creative thinking or good old-fashioned brain development, please feel free to share.  Especially things that are inexpensive or use household items.

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