Sunday, March 27, 2011

In the good old summertime . . .


Mana Natalie, here with Shelton, deserves her own blog post so for now I will say that she is my lovely co-worker in the dorm and she has loved taking the boys to the pool on a regular basis this summer. 


Mana Sam has joined her on occasion, here with Paulito Bebe'!


Mito, left, and Neto, right having fun in the sun!


Joao, all kitted out for the day


It looks like some of the other pool guests had fun entertaining the boys - who doesn't love these pumpkins?!?


Does anyone else remember being a kid and not minding laying right on the hot cement (or pavers here) after getting out of the pool?


Well, at least we can pick our boys out in a crowd!


Do you think Shelton needs any more flotation devices???

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Nikita said...

aww, os meus pequenos queridos. Não posso esperar para voltar e vê-los! Tão atraente! Orações e bênçãos... [How's the Portuguese here?]