Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moving on Up!

March 2011 004

Four Doodle-Bugs moved up to the next dorm yesterday.  They look ridiculously happy about it.  I had to bribe them to make them smile, really they were crying just moments before!

March 2011 005 March 2011 006

Jerome                                               Jose

March 2011 007 March 2011 008

Rafael                                                       Mito

March 2011 014 

Just kidding - they weren't crying.  Stinkers.  For weeks, I've been teasing them - "don't cry, come on stop crying" and they burst out laughing.  They have known for over a month they were going to join their friends who moved up in January so they were very excited.  They love the idea of growing up and the freedom to be able to play outside after dinner.  These kids, all they think about is playing!  :)

 March 2011 009

The classic over-the-shoulder goodbye shot.  Their bags are almost as big as they are! Proof positive they should have stayed with me!

March 2011 017

See!  They were crying after all!  Oh, that could be because I said, "Act like you're crying!!!" 

We walked up to the next dorm, found their beds and put their things away and by the time I arrived back at my dorm, one of them was already back there!  So, they aren't that excited to leave me after all. 

It was lovely seeing them today, running up to me to tell me about their new home, big hugs and kisses and off they went to play with the "big boys." 

Although I am light-hearted today, and looking at the bright side, it does hurt to "pass them on."  It never feels natural.  They are still so teeny tiny.  But they are moving into good hands to care for them, Sonia and Sam and Tio Raul and Tio Joao. 

And, as always, the loving hands of their Heavenly Father who never passes them on!


AllieBee said...

Hello Laura! I found your blog on the Missionary Blog Watch. I'm preparing for a move to Jamaica from Ohio this year for missions in Community Development and thought I would connect with you. One more reason technology is such a blessing!

Nikita said...

Those are some really precious pictures, Laura! I remember each of those boys! They are so cute!

Marilyn said...

That was funny, Laura! Pretending they were crying..... ha ha.