Monday, March 14, 2011

Reunited - a miracle story!

SO amazing that THIS photo:

March 2011 002

Was transformed into THIS photo:

  March 2011 004

Little Crisilda, five years old, never came home from school on Tuesday, March 1st.  Her father, Tomas' is one of our workers here at the center.  His family were searching everywhere, going to the police, etc. but no one had seen her.

The most common way of looking for a child here is putting notices on the television or radio.  The family has to pay for each announcement, more during peak hours.  Which bugs me because these aren't commercials!

This Sunday, there was a children's program, during which they spotlight certain children.  Tomas and his family were watching and they suddenly saw their daughter with a phone number to call if anyone knew her!  They quickly called and made arrangements to meet - Tomas said "I didn't even take a shower or brush my teeth!"  When Crisilda came out of the chapa, she saw her daddy and ran to his outstretched arms.  There was "much emotion" he said, in what I'm sure was quite an understatement!

It seems that a very kind woman had seen Crisilda at a market/bus stop without shoes and without her school bag but in a uniform.  She asked her questions and Crisilda knew her parents names and school name but couldn't say where she lived.  The woman took her to the police and the three schools in the area, as well as the Chief of the neighborhood, but no one knew her. 

Well, it turns out, she was about 4-5 miles away from home!  And sadly, the police here don't really have a lot of inter-communication, so even though it was only that far away, they weren't in communication with one another. 

Crisilda hasn't been able to explain what happened to her or how she got to that other neighborhood.  Please continue to pray for her that the shock and fear and sadness of being lost from her family for 13 days will quickly fade.  And that if anything happened to her before that lovely lady found her, that she won't be scarred or bruised by it. 

March 2011 006


Mindy said...

That's amazing - praise God! I can't imagine being without my babies for 12 days and not knowing where they are! So crazy that she was so close to home.

Marcia Francois said...

Praise GOd - I'm so pleased that she is reunited with her family!

And yes, I also get very understated emotions when I speak to our nanny.

"how was Wisdom's graduation?" (her son)
"it was fine"
"were you happy"
"yes, it was okay"
"V, did you cry?"
"no, Marcia!!!"

(finally, some indignation - at least it's something :))