Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two new little lovebugs!

March 2011 010

Meet Paulo, above, and Feliz, below!  Our two newest pumpkins whom arrived in February (but I'm a bit late in posting).  They came to us from another children's center, a government orphanage nearby.

March 2011 012

Boys who come from this center are always a bit rascally at first but they have been adapting well and have made new friends here at the center.

They came with no known information about family or where they are from but we are hopeful they might remember some things that give us a place to start investigating. 

Please pray with me that if they have family that we can find them and help them to make it home.  In the meantime, that this home will be loving, nurturing and joyful for them, however long they are here. 

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